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Updated: Jun 19, 2018

So I had this post typed up and ready to go - when I logged in to make my post live today 5/12 I couldn't find it and after hours of search I came to the realization that it got deleted so I closed my laptop & haven't come back to it until today 5/16 because I was upset lol. But the rest of the week was just crazy hectic - I know this is very late and overdue but #betterlatethannever.

First fav I want to talk about is the Milani Everyday Eyes Palettes. I've been on a drugstore kick lately. I just like the fact of getting great quality products at an affordable price! Eyeshadow palettes are one of those products that's hard to find with great pigmentation & that aren't patchy. Each palette comes with the perfect shades that compliment each other. They are easy palettes to travel with and I'm obsessed with the matte shades in the palette - so easy to BLEND. The shimmer shades are nice too. Oh! The palettes also comes with a small duo ended brush, which might be hard to believe but I actual like the brush! The brush actually works - it doesn't apply the shadows patchy or sheer and def not all over the place. One side is a shader and the other a blending. The best part is that it's only $11.99!

These next two products are both by Essence Makeup. I have a low key obsession with blush - like I never really realized it until some friends pointed it out, which is true I can not do my makeup without applying blush. I'm very picky when it comes to blushes because some shades can be very unflattering & not the correct undertone. I usually stick to my staple blushes but I want to branch out and find a new blush, AND- IT'S A STAPLE! Essence has these Satin Touch Blush in the shade coral and it's honestly the perfect shade for anyone! I get a good six hour wear from it before I start noticing the blush fade but nothing major. Only thing that sucks is they only have two shades in this finish.

The next essence product their mascara, the Volume Stylist 18hr Lash. Because my lashes are so short I'm a huge fan of falsies however some days I'm in a rush or just not in the mood to wear fake lashes so op for some fiber mascara. I've tired SO MANY different ones but this ones a keeper! I will say you need to build it a little but its only one product you have to use. The fibers are in the mascara so you do not have to buy two separate tubes (like the white fibers & the actual black mascara) its just one and done, haha. It can sometimes get clumpy so I go in with a lash separator immediately after! Oh yeah best part its $2.99!!!

I'm excited to talk the BhCosmetics Studio Pro Brow Pencil! I've been on the hunt for a good drugstore brow pencil, I have tired & used the NYX brow pencil and I like it but I don't hahaha. #lovehaterelationship So I saw the brow pencil online and I just had to try it and let me just say its THE BOMB DOT COM - Its not to waxy or too rough on the skin, it has the perfect consistently. Now, there are only five shades which I hope they extend their shade range because it works really well! It leaves lightweight strokes without needing to apply more pressure on the pencil and of course the best part is that its $6.99! Having bomb brows wont break the bank ;) lol

I don't think anybody really knows but I'm not a big fan lip gloss #probablytheonlyperson. They are sticky, sometimes tingly & just get all over. (Mostly my hair) But with that said I still buy lip glosses all the time hahaha #makeupjunkie. I ordered the KKW x Mario Collab which came with two glosses so of course I had to try them out & I love them! Its not a sticky gloss has no taste or fragrance, feels lightweight and I don't feel it on the lips & the shades are perfect! I've worn them both over lipstick & on their own. I always have to be wearing one for some reason it just makes the lip color better! As weird as this might sound - I like the gloss (wet) look it gives the lips .

I do have one skin care product this month - the Kiehl's Ultra Facial Cream. This moisturizer is fairly new to my skin care regime, I've been using it for like three months now. Its light weight but nourishing and doesn't leave a oily residue on the skin. My favorite part is the packaging, its comes in a tub so your able to scoop out all the product when your nearing the end - compared to a pump I always feel like I'm leaving product behind & throwing it out. #hatepumps This moisturizer has taken care of my dry patches and doesn't break me out!

The last thing I want to talk about is a beauty tool. As silly as it might sound I discovered the best Tweezers by Revlon. Very pointy and sharp, it grabs the hair instantly without struggling or cutting the hair in half while grabbing (you know like in half). They have a good grip is what I'm trying to say hahaha. It grabs the thinnest, tiniest hair!


In my previous Gabbbs Grabs post I said that I wanted to mention products that didn't work out for that month. I only have one product - The Clinique Moisture Surge has been all over social media so I decided to try it. I used it maybe three times because its just not for me. #itsanogo It has a strong alcohol scent. When I apply it to the skin it like burns for a minute (as if I had applied alcohol to the skin). My skin felt tight like I needed to apply a moisturizer. I'm not someone who has sensitive skin but I do have combo skin and this product just isn't for me. It's not good for a primer or moisturizer in my opinion - let me know your thoughts or if you have tried it & if it worker for you! If you do want to test it out I would recommend asking for a sample/ travel size first!

- Gabbby


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