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Updated: Jun 19, 2018

Since I'm always trying new beauty products because of my condition (having a makeup problem) lol. I thought I would post the bomb ass products I discovered and fell in love with for the month! Products/items I mention on here are my holy grail products I can't live without for one reason or another! I won't just be talking about makeup/beauty related products, but ANYTHING I may have found useful! However I feel like the "monthly favorites" title is a bit over do so, because I'm so "normal", I've decided to call them 'Gabbbs Greats' - see what I did there ;) hahah

For some reason this month I purchased an insane amount of makeup/beauty products. I was at the drugstore one day to see if I could find my favorite micelluar water, when I decided to browse the makeup aisle - which, bad idea! I found soooooo many new products, (I was in heaven), if I'm correct it had been MONTHS since the last time I popped into the drugstore to buy makeup! I was also on a bit of a skin care kick lately for no particular reason either. So I'll stop rambling & start talking about these bomb-ass products!


Lets talk about something that's not beauty related, lol. This next favorite I can't get over, which are these bracelets! I mean, they're very stylish, contemporary and unique. I love jewelry that's beautiful & simple, and I'm obsessed with stones/crystals & for them to be incorporated onto a bracelet just warms my heart. #healingenergies #goodvibes #itsthesimplethings I love supporting small businesses that are passionate about their work. I found these beauties on Etsy - WilliamsTribeDesign . You can wear them on there own, stacked and ,I mean, just look at Buddha haha.


I immediately fell in love with these Color Icon eyeshadow palettes by Wet-n-Wild. They are actually one of my favorite most affordable brands! These palettes are honestly the best eyeshadows you will find at the drugstore, if the color payoff is everything. Very opaque and not powdery (the ABH has more fallout than this palette), smooth to the touch & that goes for every single eyeshadow in this palette - just perfect! The best part in my opinion is the PRICE, #worthyomoney. This palette retails for $5 and you get 10 eyeshadows, I mean bomb right. #totallyfreakingout #wetnwildmakeup

This product should be no surprise - I've mentioned this highlighter on my Instagram,- and its the bomb diggs. Im talking about the AMREZY x ABH highlighter! This is the only highlighter I've worn this past month and I cant seem to put it down! It is a limited edition product, the wave look is also new to ABH which makes the product not be powdery. It looks natural on the skin and isn't chalky. When I first saw swatches of the highlighter online, i got worried the shade would be to light. But its the perfect shade for my skin, it actually looks good on a variety of skin tones!The def check it before its no longer avalible #perfectforeveryskintone #abhxamrezy #amrezyfeatures

If you know me - you know I love falsies since my own lashes are very short. The #AdrellWispies are my favorite lashes although they can look a little long & not so full. But I recently discovered the Ardell 'Double Up' line, I've tried multiple of there styles & there bomb! They retail for $5.50 at Ulta, but you can find them at drugstores, Sally Beauty Supply, Walmart & Ulta. My favorite ones from this line are the Double Up Wispes, and the Demi Wispies, Because the stack two of the lashes together it gives a much fuller look. They are comfortable to wear and easy to apply, (they also don't look fake) oh and before i forget you can REUSE the several times. #saveyamoney

Quick secret about me - I'm terrible at creme contouring, like big time! I've tried different products, highend & drugstore but I cant seem to work with it! But I discovered this #foolproof Creamy Contour stick from Jordana. This contour stick is easy to blend and doesn't remove your foundation while blending. The contour stick comes in three shades (which I hope they add more shades soon) I purchase the darkest shade - 03 Deep. I do wish they had a darker shade, even though I have the darkest, it's too light for me. In the packaging it looks like a nice dark shade, however when you apply it to the skin it blend out to more of a bronzer shade because of its orange under tone. Its not a muddy look though which is why I hope they will come out with darker shades none the less I'm obsessed with it! #contourlikeapro

I have a fav lip combo for the month! I'm wearing in every selfie this past two months! I was in Mexico January-February & surprisingly enough I only pack one lipstick, lip liner & gloss - I had all my lippies packed in a travel bag BUT forgot to actually put it in my travel bag. Thus, the only lip products I had was what I could find at the bottom of my purse lol. #desperate The three products I had were - Jordana Liner in Rose Crush,- Milani Matte Lipstick in Matte Naked & Korres Lip Gloss for a month, so I got really comfortable with them haha. I put the three together & fell in love with the color on my lips! Now two from these three products are super affordable, found the lipstick and lip liner at the drugstore! As for the lip gloss, I found that at TjMaxx. These three together are the perfect nude lip for my skin tone that's flattering. I would def check out the lipsticks & lip liners from the drugstore since they're so cheap!

I want to really quickly mention the #anastasibeverlyhills Soft Glam Palette, I did a full review about the palette here on my blog including swatches. So I don't want to spend to much time on it, but its the palette I have done most of my eye looks on Instagram with! Long story short I have been using it a lot in combination with other palettes! Definitely a fav & I can't stop using! I did this makeup look using the palette! Let me know if ya want a tutorial on it.


I'm excited to talk about this next product. The Farsali Rose Gold Elixir Drops is I think my most favorite product of the month and a new skin care staple. I purchased this in February when my skin was at its driest. I was nervous to try the product because it had mixed reviews saying it caused breakouts. These drops helped my dry skin alot, I applied it to my dry patches & weeks later GONE! I no longer have dry patches which is a big statement, but I couldn't believe it! I apply the drops to my face after my moisturizer and beauty oil - only on my dry patches. if its one item i can recommend you to buy its these drops! Even though the weather is warming up here in NC i'm still using it under my makeup & it does not look greasy or move my makeup! #nomoredryskin #skincare #staple

I didn't have any disappointing products/items this month but I will add products that just aren't worth you money on these monthly posts!

- Gabbby


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