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About me

Whats up?! Im Gabriela but all of my friends call me Gabby. I am from Los Angeles, California but raised in North Carolina. I know crazy, on completely opposite sides of the United States. I've been doing makeup for over 5 years, I started back in high school and have come a long way over the years. Makeup definitely chose me, I would experiment with makeup and try all kinds of crazy looks on myself. Id go to school and friends would freak out, the response was so positive. One thing led to another and slowly but surely I had tons of girls asking me to do their makeup for prom and special occasions. 


I think after graduation is when I realized it was

time to get serious and make my passion a reality.

So I decided to buckle down and get serious about

pursuing a career as a Makeup Artist. I wanted to

be well-rounded and not just good at one thing, that

is why I chose to go to school and get my license as a Esthetician. 


I absolutely love that after response from my clients, the look on their faces is such a feel good moment for me that can't be replaced.


                                                                 I love where makeup has taken me, I have                                                                             worked in NY before and all over NC. I have                                                                         attended IMATS for three years now. As funny                                                                     as it sounds it's much easier to do makeup on                                                                       others than myself. It just comes natural to me,                                                                     the beauty of my career is that makeup is fun                                                                         and different and we can be ourselves, and if we don't like it or it doesn't look right we can wipe it off.


It is my belief that everyone intrinsically possess beauty and my passion lies in empowering others to recognize and embrace the beauty with in themselves.

Quinceanera Glam
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